Decision making in creativity

If you know what you have to do, you know how to decide.

Ah, decisions. So many things involved in taking one of these little annoying choices in the creativity world; personal preferences, egos, how did you sleep last night, who said what, who stepped on who and who understood the point... Sometimes it seems there’s no right way of getting to the best option. However, there are some steps one can follow. Trust us, they work.


1. Having a goal is the goal
It seems pretty obvious, but how many times have you encountered a briefing that’s not very clear by clients who don’t know what do they actually want? We can’t stress the importance of having a set goal. There is no way of drawing a path, a plan, without knowing where you want to reach; roaming can be good if you’re working in a personal artistic project, but when it comes to working in teams and reaching to a suitable solution, the A point needs to have a B point to which all efforts need to be directed. A goal is the goal.

2. The same page is the page
Usually, creative work goes along a creative team. Also, creative teams are full of, you know, human beings. And human beings are different brains that need to think in unison. There are highly effective teams that understand the point of it all in a second, but these work method takes a lot of time and hard work to build up; usually, teams are still groups of individuals that, deep down inside, are not very sure of what they’re supposed to do. Having set a goal, what’s important is to make sure everybody understands and shares that very same goal.

3. Leave aside what it belongs to the side
No, it is not easy, but egos have no space in taking creative decisions. And when we say egos, we also mean personal preferences. You are a creative asset to satisfy a creative problem; this is not your creative problem but someone else’s, in this case, your client. Things being like this, there’s no point in taking decisions personally. Plus, it’s a much more relaxed way of thinking in general.