Building the right environment for creative sessions

Has anyone ever been able to have a great idea in a messy room?

For sure, there are probably some people that feel inspired by clutter, disorganised spaces and crumbling shelves, in the same way that some others profoundly enjoy, in a spiritual way, listening to Nicky Minaj. However, the general feeling is not quite pointing in that direction; the environment counts when coming to use your brain and be enlightened by the creativity gods (I would like to have a chat with them if you ever meet them). Here you are some tips to help you out constructing the best nest for magnificent ideas:



This is maybe me being influenced by all this Scandinavian housing concepts but light is important and if you do not reckon this is so, think about an interior room with fluorescent lamps flickering and buzzing. Yuck. Good natural lighting will always beat any other player.


I am aware that we would all like to work in an office with couches, ball pools and beers. I am also aware that this is usually only happening in dreams. Even though our office or studio might not be the best location ever, we can always decorate it in an attractive way and keep it neat and organised, helping with some plants to create a comfortable space. A creative’s office is his castle.

Food and beverages

Repeat with me: sugar is evil. Sugar is evil. There you go. If want to keep that brain going strong, opt for bananas and nuts, water or some good old coffee. Donuts and coke will sure light up your face but seriously, they are excessively distracting.

Creative tools

Computers, boards, books, magazines and any inspiring tool are welcome. We have to stop thinking that this might be a way of distraction; to the creative brain, they are nutrients. Brainstorming tools like Triggers will, of course, lighten up the way to the perfect idea and turn it from a climb to the Everest, to a walk in the park.

Use your hands

It seems that we have forgotten how to use our hands after so many hours in front of the computer. Sticky notes, actual real pens, paper notes, they can all bring that creativity spark to build up a good fire. They make you use different parts of your brain and they make a change in routine.