How to convince your boss to use Triggers

Actual, good, valid reasons to get that extra help that will make your creative life 10 times easier

Some of us are thank-God-almighty lucky and our bosses are that kind of empathy filled beings that identify your needs even before you actually have them; just like your mum, but without forcing you to eat fruit. However, some oh-not-so-lucky creatives have to deal with the fact that their bosses don’t really have a clue about what they actually do and they think about creative sessions and brainstorming as just saying stupid random gubbins. Here’s how to convince those tough cookies about the necessity of getting some Triggers help for your ideation sessions:


Triggers is very horizontal

Even though your boss might not have a clear idea about what creativity is, he or she will be able to use Triggers. The method is easy to comprehend, it’s simple and direct. Basically, you just need to know how to read. That’s how great it is.

Adaptability is the key
It’s not like your boss will have to do a huge investment to get the best results and productivity. Triggers is very flexible and can be used in many different ways and techniques. Whenever you get stuck in a problem, shuffle some cards and see what happens, because the best thing is, they always open a path to help you out. Triggers is like Batman, but without the creepy voice.

Out of the box is where the magic happens
Here’s the deal. When a method like Triggers steps into the creative process, creative professionals tend to get excited and buzzing with ideas and thoughts. In other words, they tend to think in a different non-mechanical manner out of the comfort zone they might be in. That’s where good things begin to occur.

They work
Bosses like results. We don’t blame them. So if all the previous reasons don’t seem enough, go for the facts. Triggers works; once the method starts rolling, useful, productive and realistic ideas start popping out like mushrooms. And hell yes, that’s good for everyone, isn’t it?

Here’s some well documented Triggers success cases for the incredulous ones.