Creativity is a mindset; an interview with The Pop Up Agency

The Pop Up Agency started as a crazy experiment that six Hyper Island students decided to make. Four years later and now ran by Abraham and Maksimilian, the agency dedicates all its energy to spreading a simple but controversial message: everyone is creative.

Maks and Abraham have been at uncountable festivals, giving a huge number of talks and workshop on how to change the way we work and see creativity.

The Pop Up Agency talks about creative methods

Alejandro (Triggers' founder), was one of those crazy students that started The Pop Up Agency. He wanted to catch up with his ex-colleagues to talk about creativity and the shared vision they all have: helping the creative world become simpler and more inclusive.

Triggers: You always say "creativity is not a skill, it's a mindset". That sounds bold. Could you explain what it means to you?

Abraham: It's very simple. For me, creativity is problem-solving and a mindset is the attitude with which a person approaches a situation. Based on the following view I truly believe that the mindset is vital for creativity. Without it, your creativity will be compromised and limited.

Triggers: During your workshops, how do you make sure the participants get into the right mindset?

Abraham: I share the purpose of the session and then I try to create a space and environment where people feel comfortable to be open. How I do that is by an icebreaker exercise followed by setting the culture for the session. 

Triggers: How was your experience with Triggers? How did it help you facilitate creative workshops?

Abraham: I found it a great and useful ideation method. The simplicity and speed were a vital part for us when using it. We had one person who functioned as timekeeper so it enabled the ideation to run smoothly.  What I also like with Triggers is that it's a tangle.

Learn more about The Pop Up Agency at their website, and follow their journey on their social media accounts.