When to use creative methods

The more we dig into new ways of working, the more we discover methods and tools that promise to turn our teams in super efficient thinking machines. The question is, should we use methods, all the time, in every single project? Here are some tips to help you decide when you need to use one of these tools.

Using creative tools at the right time

Only if it feels natural

It's great to bring teams out of their comfort zone, although you should never force them. If a method doesn't get you in the perfect flow, it's probably not the right one.

Only if you have time

Every method has its learning curve and that's why we should be realistic when we choose one for our project. Don't try to squeeze exercises if you won't be able to complete them. Choose quality over quantity.

To fight against routine

Combine, change and regularly introduce small variations to improve the methods you use. When something becomes a norm, it gets boring. This applies to everything, even to creative methods. Don't fall into repetition. 

To achieve higher goals

Introduce new exercises when you want to get better results. For example: when your team gets stuck or when you have to work on challenging projects and briefings where you need to over perform.

Next time you are wondering if you should introduce that new creative method you saw on a blogpost ask yourself: what do we need right now for this project? Will this method help or distract us?