What Trump's era means to creativity

Keep your creative values during Trump era

Yes, we've already had enough of articles talking about Trump and his way of doing things. But hang on a minute: have we already discussed what does Trump mean to creativity?

Can Trump affect creativity?

We know the power that fame and media have, in general, in society. Creative professionals are not free from this influence; think about how many of them used Steve Jobs as a role model for the last decades. 

We are understandably worried about how Trump's example can affect our work. Here are the things we shouldn't forget:


This is no secret: you can only create great ideas if you can put yourself in your users' shoes. In other words, you need empathy. Trump, on the other hand, lacks any of it. You can only experience empathy if you listen more than you talk and you observe more than you seek attention. 


When you have to choose an idea, the best one is not always the most impactful one. Nowadays creativity is not so much about getting attention, but sending the right message to the right target.

We believe we should keep our voices down and only raise them when it's truly needed. Constant noise doesn't help anyone.


Let us be bold: your creative team shouldn't be diverse just because it produces good ideas, but also because it's fair. We are sad that President Trump is no example of this whatsoever and he's actually fighting against this value.

Creative a**holes

A long time ago, we used to have dominant Creative Directors that acted as creative geniuses, putting their foot on everyone's necks and imposing their ideas with no mercy.

We are happy that this era is *almost* over. We've learned we don't need bossy leaders and that egos and bad manners kill creativity. Let's not get confused by Trump's style.

We, creatives, have a significant power too

Thousands of people see our work every day.  The websites we design have millions of users. We shouldn't underestimate the influence we can have on individuals and society in general.

Let's make sure we stay true to our values and we fight fire with great creativity.