Brainstorming sessions: should you keep your first idea?

There are tons of quotes from old-school advertising gurús saying that you should discard your first 10 (and even 100) ideas. Apparently, those solutions are supposed to be too obvious or not elaborated enough. But, is that true?


We aren't fans of that way of thinking. We think you should judge ideas by its quality, and nothing else. At the same time, there is something positive about trying to produce a bunch of ideas before you stick to the final one.

You can compare
It's good to compare ideas between them. It helps to create different scales. It also helps to build some perspective.

You might be missing something good
If you stick to the first option, you might be ignoring some better ways to solve your problem. We all know that when it comes to creativity, there isn't just one possible solution.

You can still generate different versions
Let's say you reaaaaaaaally love your first idea and want to go with it. Ok, you can do it. But at least experiment creating different versions of it. Change the context, the visual part, or the medium. Check how small variations could make it better.

Our final verdict
Yes, keep your first idea, but always try to explore a bit more. It will worth it.