Building your creative confidence

Confidence could be the most significant difference between someone that can consider him/herself creative and someone that doesn't.

We already said that creativity is not something you own or don't. It's in every one of us. You just need to build up your confidence and jump into it.


That's why we compiled some tips that could you feel better about your powers.

We are all creative
Stop putting people in the creative and non-creative category.  You are creative too. Full stop.

Ask for feedback
Like any other skill or knowledge, you develop it faster when you ask others for opinion. Do it as much as you can. It will make you used to the exposure and will take away the anxiety of being judged.

Accept uncertainty
The creative process is complicated. You can never fully control it. The earlier you accept it, the better. You and every single creative person in the world will have to deal with it. There will be comfortable sessions and ough ones. It's fine. We have all been there.

Practice, practice, practice
Finally, never stop practising. Read, watch, go to talks, get curious and do tones of projects. Side projects are great for that.