How to train your creative muscle

Creativity is something you can train and develop. Some people might find it easier because of their education or previous experience, but we can all be creative in one way or another. It's just a matter of practice.


Let's start with trying to define what "creativity" means to us. We think a creative person is someone that has a problem-solver mentality and can quickly connect dots.

With that said, you can do simple exercises to train your brain every day to be more creative. It's all about getting a lot of inputs and be more aware.

Explore, learn and be curious
It's the typical advice, we know. But it's essential! You see what we said before? "A problem-solver mentality and can quickly connect dots". The more you read, watch and the more significant your knowledge is, the more dots you'll have in your head. That's why curiosity is so important.

Don't just see problems, try to solve them
The world is full of challenges. They don't have to be big or very complicated; it can be something that happens in your house, or in your favourite supermarket, or at your office. Try to open your eyes to these little problems and find ways of solving them. It doesn't matter if it doesn't end up working, the point is to try.

Develop empathy
Be curious about other people's problems and perspective. Designers and creatives have to put in other people's shoes to understand them and create better solutions for them. Empathy is essential. Learn to be genuinely interested in others.

And remember, all these things are something you have to do daily for all your life. Never stop practising.