The importance of process in creativity: why it is beneficial

There has been a growing interest in process lately. From design thinking to the Lean Startup movement, we, designers and creatives, got used to draw, plan and twist our creative process.


Each methodology and process will claim different benefits. They all have unique points, that's for sure, altho they all have things in common.

It gives order
Looking for patterns and structure makes everything more transparent. It's vital especially when you have to work in groups. Then, sharing the same roadmap can dramatically increase productivity.

It gives a sense of control
We have to be honest; creativity is a mess. It's tough to point out what exactly happens and how. Designing a process makes us feel in control. It's practical exercise to navigate uncertainty.

It helps to focus where to improve
By visualising and dividing your creative process into stages, you can focus on what needs to improve. It's easier to point out the ups and downs. It also helps when you look for solutions.