How to use Triggers cards with your clients

We get this question a lot: "can I use Triggers with my clients?". The answer is always "yes". Triggers can be a great tool to co-create with your clients.


Triggers is excellent opening creative paths and making it very easy for everyone to come up with ideas. Even your clients don't have any training; they'll have a great and useful time using the cards.

We prepared some tips for you to take the most of the sessions.

Set a very goal before you start
We already have a blog post about it. Read it :)

Make the instructions easy and clear
Clients don't want complicated things. They hire you to make things easy for them. I would recommend you to use the most straightforward Triggers dynamic: the rounds. Just divide people into teams, tell each group to sit in circles, place a bunch of Triggers cards in the middle, and let them pick one card per round and discuss it. This dynamic works excellent and doesn't have any complicated instructions.

Use the Fair Play cards
Read out loud or place the Fair Play cards you'll find in every Triggers deck before you start ideating. It will set the mood and remind the necessary attitudes you'll need during the session.

Mix the teams
Make sure you have some people from the client side and some from your agency in each group. That will make the dynamics more comfortable and more productive.

Set a clear time
Make it short. They'll leave the room with the feeling that it was a productive meeting. And they'll probably want more :)