How to set your team's goal for an ideation session

A goal is the essential part of a team. Without a goal, your team is just a group of people gathering around. There would be no purpose and no clear direction. That's why, before every creative meeting, we advise you to set the goal of the session very clear.


Your goal should be clear. It should mean the same to all the members and be accepted by everyone.

There are some widespread problems with goals:
- It could be that everyone knows the goal by heart, but they don't know what it means, or it means different things to everyone.
- It could also be that the goal is impossible or not motivating.
- At least, it could happen that the team doesn't believe in it or don't agree with it.

To avoid these problems, invest some time clearing out doubts and writing a simple sentence that sums your goal before you start any brainstorming or creative session. Some of the following tricks will help you with it.

Simple language
When writing your goal, try to use straightforward sentences. Nothing complicated. The more direct, the better.

Avoid abstract or meaningless words
Sentences like "create an innovative idea" won't mean the same for everyone. Better list the particular criteria the idea will need.

Make sure everyone is on board
Let your team participate setting the goal. That's the easiest way to make sure they understand and believe in the purpose of the session. If that's not possible, always ask before you move on. Check if they have questions/contributions.