The filter tunnel: an easy way to select your ideas

There are only a few things more frustrating than endless discussions about ideas. It's exasperating when two sides start to fight on a loop for the option they like, without any possible agreement. As process-obsessed people, we found an exercise that helps to avoid that problem.


We call it "The filter tunnel". It's quite straightforward. These are all the elements you'll need:
- An idea(s) you want to discuss
- Three or more must-have specifications taken from the briefing
- Some post-its

First of all, you'll need some ideas you have already produced (hopefully with the help of our awesome decks). Note down these ideas, one per post-it. 

Note: You just need to write a summary or name of the idea, not the whole presentation.

Secondly, you'll need to go back to the briefing. As a group, take a look at your project specifications and extract a minimum of three key factors. For example cheap, useful, young audience. Next, you re-write these words as questions like these: Is your idea cheap? Is your idea useful? Does your idea appeal to a young audience? Note down these sentences, one per post-it.

The third step; now it's time to build the "tunnel". Just place all your questions in a row, and set the ideas in columns like the graphic below.


Finally, this is the moment when you'll need to check if your ideas can pass through the tunnel. Go one by one, checking if they can answer the questions you prepared. In case the idea passes the control question, move it to the next. If it doesn't succeed, you can discard it or propose a version that will.

With this simple exercise, your team will focus on discussing the critical issues, not just personal opinions.

All Triggers decks include four landing cards you can use for this exercise. Feel free to write your own ones!