A deck for every creative project

We redesigned our decks, reprinted our original collection, added four new decks and a Spanish edition too. Explore our collection.


Campaign deck

The deck for rational thinkers.

Use it to create graphic design projects, campaigns, ads, posters and promotion tools.


Serendipity deck

The deck for the out-of-the-box thinkers.

Use it to create ads, campaigns, ambient ideas, space ideas and any other challenges.


Storytelling Deck

The deck for crafting cool stories.

Use this deck to find narratives and ways to tell a story. It could be used in campaigns, social media, videos and communication pieces.  

Human-Centric deck

The deck based on people's needs.

Use it to create new products/services ideas and innovation that put users in the centre.


Brand Strategy Deck

The deck for strategists.

Use this deck to position and create meaningful brands, find opportunities and expand your company’s personality.


Business Design Deck

The deck for monetaising ideas.

Use this deck to design strategies and expand current business plans. Find new market opportunities and rethink your company model.  

Innovation deck

The deck for forward-thinking ideas.

Use it to create edgy ideas, new products/services, campaigns, and projects focused on Millennials.


Graphic Deck

The deck for designers.

Use this deck to ideate about visual and graphic ideas. It can be used in any design project like posters, websites and packaging.  


The Complete Collection

The ultimate brainstorming tool.

Use it for workshops and ideation sessions. Solve any creative project you are facing.