Before brainstorming

Triggers cards are extremely easy to use. Take a look at these tips and tricks to take the most out of your creative sessions.

 Triggers cards - how to think during creative sessions

Fair play cards

Use them to keep the right mindset while using Triggers. Just place them in front of you while you create. If someone breaks one of these rules, let him/her know!

 Triggers cards - how to prepare a good briefing for a brainstorming session

Focus question 

Follow our tips on how to write a good focus question.


Creative methods

You can use your cards as you wish. Triggers is flexible enough so you can include it on the methods you already use or new ones. Here you'll find a list of our favourite ones.

 Triggers creative methods: Rounds, a brainstorming technique for teams


This is the simplest way of using Triggers cards.

 Triggers creative method: idea development tool for creative teams

The chain

Each card adds to the idea you already had.

 Triggers creative methods: The judge, for teams that wants to develop decision making techniques

The judge

A slightly different version of the rounds exercise introducing some gamification mechanisms.

 Triggers creative methods: for teams that wants to collaborate and build ideas together

Speed dating

A good method for groups. It's fun and fast. You'll get a table full of ideas in no time.


Landing your ideas

All decks include four Landing cards. These cards help you bring your ideas down to earth. Use them when you are done ideating.

 Triggers cards - a decision making tool for creative teams

Using these cards

We have designed a simple exercise to use these cards. Remember, this is the last step of the ideation process, never use this before your Triggers cards.


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